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Reasons to think twice about refinishing your hardwood floors.

Let me tell you my about my experience with Anderson Floor Company Of Milwaukee, 6550 W Forest Home Ave. and Max Care Hardwood Flooring of Milwaukee, 2200 Miller Pkway, Milwaukee, WI 

I had very high hopes for my living room when I began the project of refinishing my hardwood floor. 


But now I am left with a floor that I am very dissatisfied with. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful color and looks gorgeous in a dimly lit room.......needless to say, my heart sinks on sunny days when my floor is viewed in bright normal daylight.

It all started with a Company called Maxcare. I hired them first. They had no stain color samples for me to view when they came to give me their estimate. This made me uncomfortable but they assured me that they would have many stain colors to choose from the day of service. When the contractor came he sanded my floor off and proceeded to stain 1 x1 foot square samples for our viewing. None of which came close to blending with my existing amber colored floors. After many long blank look stares from the contractor when he couldn't give me the color I wanted he told my husband to go buy a stain himself, which he reluctantly did. After getting the stain home we were told by the heads of the company that they would not guarantee the stain we purchased. So the contractor told my husband to call the stain company to see if there were any comparable stains that maxcare carried. Well sure enough, after we did all the leg work, Maxcare happens to have the same color in their brand. Which the company had someone drive over. The contractor put the stain down but it still was way to light. We knew that this was not going to work so we told him to stop. We called MaxCare told them we didn't want to go any further and lost our $250 deposit for the work that had already been done.

We proceeded to call another floor company, Anderson Floor Company. When Jill the sales rep and owner came to give us the estimate she said that they would have no problem finding the color we wanted. They had samples for us to look at and I chose one that looked close to what I wanted. Jill told us of a procedure called water popping that would also darken and deepen the color even further for us.

We had to wait a couple weeks for the Anderson Floor company to come, living with our house in disarray. But it would be worth it to get the color we wanted...we thought.

Josh the contractor came and resanded an area of the hallway again and proceeded to lay down the same basic stain colors the last company did along with the one I picked on the first day I met with Jill. The color I picked the first day didn't look the same on my floor and I was starting to fear we were on the same road as with Maxcare, I was seeing the "well hurry up lady, pick a color I called my husband at work and he suggested a mix of cherry and golden oak which was the closest to the color we wanted but still not "the one" to closest blend with our old amber colored floors. Josh showed me the darkening power of the water popping and it was beautiful. I was sure we wanted to do that, but still not sure of the stain color. In the mean time Scott the owner of Anderson Floors suggested we apply an amber coat on top of the stain. Because we were still not sure, they made up a floor sample for us. That seemed to be getting closer to the color we wanted. We decided to go with the first sample so Josh water popped the floor and was going to return in the morning to apply the stain, but after looking at it the sample I still was not sure it was dark enough. I wanted to try one more mix. So I called and had one more sample made and dropped off. We decided on the second sample. In my opinion this was just normal business practices to get the desired ending result, but later I would find out that this was what Jill would call, going "out of her way" for us. A few days had passed so Jill had Josh buff and rewaterpop the floor before staining, which I thought was good idea and was happy to know they were going the extra mile to make sure everything would turn out great. I thought it would be easy sailing from that point on, boy was I wrong. After the last coat of sealer dried I could see that we had a very big problem.  After getting the beautiful color we wanted, we could see the whole process was ruined after the finishing coats were applied.

We now can see that our floor has waves every 2 inches across the entire middle of my living room floor. Every time I stand in my kitchen in front of my sink and look into the living room I see a 10 foot by 2 foot section of waves going up the middle of the room. The waves can also be seen as I walk into my living room from my kitchen and from all directions entering and exiting the living room. When getting up and down from sitting on my couch.

Jill and Scott came to inspect the waves in the floor. The first question Jill asked Scott was if Josh had done a full sanding. (1) Scott replied that he was not sure and then went on to tell me what they were seeing is normal. Down playing the problem, saying that I only see the waves when I view it in the light. And that it would look better once my furniture is back in the room. (Seeing as it is light all day and there will be no furniture or rug in the middle of my room that means I will see the problem continuously.)

Jill and Scott said the reason that this happened was that my floor was loose when their 250 pound machine went across it. They said that the squeaking in the floor was evidence of the boards not being tight and that it couldn't possibly have been the fault of an imbalance of their machine, and that the waviness could not be fixed. The only way would be to sand it by hand. (If having a squeaky floor means the floor is loose and these problems WILL occur, you are the professionals. You should have told me this would happen.

They went on to tell me stories of all the crappy jobs that they had done for them in their own lives. Trying to make me feel better about this crappy job I guess. Jill complained about drips and runs on her bedroom furniture from PM bedrooms, how they got burned big time. How it was 10 years and still every time she hears their commercials she has to shut the radio off. Well now I will be doing that because of Anderson floors. I will feel sick and angry every time I see a commercial or tv show with a beautiful wood floor that was refinished the correct way. The difference being that PM Bedrooms took the furniture back and refinished it for Jill the way it was supposed to be in the first place, unlike Anderson floors is doing for me. They wouldn’t even give me a discount. Citing that they already went out of their way to match the color I wanted. (They have a section on their website that says they will custom mix colors for you so you will have a perfect color, then they make you feel like they are going out of their way when you actually ask them for it.)

When Jill made her sales pitch she made me feel by hiring her, she would give me a product that I was fully satisfied with or she would do everything to remedy any problem that would arise. She reassured me over and over again that I would be happy once the job was complete. She even went as far to say her husband would help me find the perfect stain himself. It is a shame that I cannot love this floor. Every time I think about it it makes me sick. I still can not believe that Jill and Scotts answer to my problem is to just live with it. 

It's been over a month now that our house has been in total disarray and it would be wonderful if I felt it was all worth it, but all I see is a wavy floor every time I glance into my living room. It makes my heart sink every time I look at it.

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There are multiple contractors stating that “the wave” comes from problems with the sanding machine and can be fixed with a machine called "Trio". Waves can be caused by something as simple as debris on one of the wheels. See following links.

1.(Because we had Maxcare in 2 weeks earlier to sand and stain the floor. We could not get a good color from them so we called Anderson Floors. We lost our deposit and parted ways)


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