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Thunbergia Vines, Rudbeckia, Zinnia
Thunbergia vines, Rudbeckias and  Zinnas  at the Boerner Botanical Gardens
Yellow Thunbergia Vine
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Orange Zinnia
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Rudbeckia 'Prairie Sun'
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Thunbergia Vines
Scientific Name: Thunbergia alata 
Common Name: Black eyed Susan vine; Clock vine
Type: Tender perennial grown as an annual
Family: Acanthaceae
Genus: Thunbergia 
Species:  alata 
Bloom season: blooms from summer till frost
Flower colors:  dainty, funnel shaped flowers that vary in color from white to yellow,  orange yellow, red, orange, red orange and white
Foliage: Evergreen
Height: 6-8 ft. 
Growth Rate: Rapid
Site & Soil:  Sun to Part Shade; does not like intense heat; prefers light, well drained soil and moderate to light fertilization 
Humidity:  doesn't bloom well during high summer heat and humidity, but they will make up for lost time when the weather cools off, blooming well into October. 
Water: Water regularly; do not over water
Spacing: 24-36 in.
Propagation: From herbaceous stem cuttings;  from seed; Take cuttings from over wintered plants or sow seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost.
Collecting Seeds: Allow seed heads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds;
Pests & Diseases: susceptible to spider mites, white flies, and scale insects.
Hardiness Zone: 9 - 10
Comments: suitable for growing indoors. Start seedlings indoors in warm moist soil (germinates in 10 to 21 days); 



Thunbergia ' Redshades' photo on Masked Images Cd Vol. 4

Zinnia 'Profusion Orange'
Zinnia angustifolia
Type: annual
Bloom season: blooms all summer
Flower colors: pink, white, red, yellow, orange
Height & Spread: 12 inches tall;  12 inches wide
Site & Soil: full sun; part shade; well drained soil
Attracts: butterflies
Special interest: good for cut flowers
Zones: hardy in zones 8 - 11
Orange Zinnia
masked image
on cd vol. 1 & 3
Zinnia 'Profusion Orange' photo on Masked Images Cd Vol. 1 & 3
RUDBECKIA 'Prairie Sun'
Rudbeckia hirta 
Type: perennial
Bloom season:  Flowers bloom all summer. Light and dark yellow petals
with green center. 
Height & Spread: 2 1/2  feet tall;  2- 4 feet wide
Site & Soil: full sun to part shade;  any well drained soil.
Propagation: divide clumps in autumn or spring.
Zones: 4 - 10
Rudbeckia 'Prairie Sun'
masked image
on cd vol. 4
Rudbeckia yellow/green center photo on Masked Images Cd Vol. 4  

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