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Agave victoriae-reginae
Type: succulent
Bloom season: spasmodicall and at any season.
Flower colors: (can get yellowish-green flowers in close spikes up to 12 ft tall)
Height & Spread: can reach up to 2 feet tall; 2 ft across
Site & Soil: sunny if outdoors, in full sun if potted. In harsh winter climates the Agave must be
taken under cover in the coldest time of the year; light and sandy soil with peat, but well drained.

Origin: Northern Mexico; introduced into Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century
Use: its foliage outdoors in tropics and sub-tropics; eleswhere as container or greenhouse plant

AGAVE VICTORIAE REGINAE for 3D Landscape Design Programs, located on Vol. 2 CD

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