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Bulk Floral - Gerbera Daisy Stems


Gerbera Daisies -

Gerbera Daisies - Orange

Gerbera Daisy, Red  - Bulk Stems by

Botanical Name:   Gerbera jamesonii.   Form:  Tender perennial 
Sun Exposure:   Partial Shade/Full Sun 
Height/Habit:   12 - 18"; Spread:   12 - 15";  Spacing:   12 - 15" 
Hardiness Zone:   9 - 10 (25 degrees F) 
Foliage Type:   lance-shaped to deeply lobed leaves. 6-18" long dark green above, paler and woolly beneath. 
Flower Form:   Numerous pedaled daisy-like blooms, 4" across. 
Flower Color:  Red, Pink, White, Orange, Yellow, All Colors
Flowering Date:  Summer long 
Planting Requirements:   Requires consistently moist soil to bloom at its best. Don't allow to dry out in between waterings. If you live in an area with extreme afternoon heat and sun, plant where your gerberas could receive shade. Soil Requirements:   Moderately fertile, well drained soil. 
Growth Rate:   Moderate 
Pruning:  Remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms. 
Time of Pruning:   After blooming. 

Additional Information:   To enjoy as cut flowers - cut when outer row of petals show pollen - if cut sooner flowers will wilt before opening.
Gerbera Daisies - Fushsia  - 100 Cut Stems

Stem Length: 50cm 
Bloom Size: 9cm 
Imported from Costa Rica
Item #: 762312
Gerbera Daisies - White  - 100 Stems
Gerbera Daisies are known for their nearly flawless blooms. The large, brightly colored flowers make them ideal for arrangements. Perfect for your wedding, event, resale or individual needs. Stem length: 50cm 
Bloom size: 9cm+        Item #: 762278
Gerbera Daisies - Yellow - 100 Stems

Puffy triple-petal yellow gerber with yellow curly floret ring and light center. 

Item #: 762333


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