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 Bonsai Books
Creating Bonsai Landscapes Creating Bonsai Landscapes

Plant miniature landscapes with the Chinese form of bonsai art known as penjing - landscape in pot or dish. Each landscape is presented in project form, with clear advice on how to select, plant, position, and nurture plants successfully. Each project is thoroughly illustrated and explained with a color photograph of the completed landscape, cross-section drawings, and practical construction tips. Author: Su Chin Ee; 128 pages; 9.5 x 9.5; Paperback.

Bonsai Survival Manual Bonsai Survival Manual

This full-color manual takes the mystery out of bonsai with its straightforward, step-by-step, illustrated instructions for buying, siting, maintaining, and troubleshooting. Appropriate for both beginners and bonsai enthusiasts with at-a-glance profiles on 50 popular varieties. Author: Colin Lewis; 160 pages; 9.75 x 7.5; Paperback.

Bonsai Village Bonsai Village

Trees have been highly valued by humans since the beginning of time. In fact, the word paradise is derived from the Persian word pardes, which translates to a park planted with trees. Now a little piece of paradise can be yours when you grow your own Bonsai Forest with a variety of trees and undergrowth shrubs. This deluxe mix of bonsai contains Elm, Lilac, Pea Shrub, Beauty Bush, and Butterfly Bush. Complete your serene village with thoughtfully-placed boulders, a Buddha statue, and authentic woodland cover!

The Living Art of Bonsai Professor Amy Liang

Bonsai Video 
Instructional Guide

Indoor Bonsai Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Bonsai Basics Christian Pessey and Remy Samson

Simon & Shuster's Guide to Bonsai Gianfranco Giorgi

Bonsai Editors of Sunset Books

Wire Tree Sculpture Book by Sal Villano

The Bonsai Handbook By David Prescott & Colin Lewis

Bonsai Boy

Bonsai Trees

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