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 The American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers 
A comprehensive guide to North American horticulture encompasses more than eight thousand plant references, 4,250 full-color captioned photographs, and useful advice on topics ranging from plant identification and selection to cultivation and pest control. The Garden Plant Encyclopedia  A resource for those who are new to gardening and experienced gardeners alike. It is filled with useful information that will help readers choose the plants most suitable to their specific gardening needs. For ease of access, plants are grouped according to their shared characteristics and listed alphabetically under their Latin names. 
Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology  Plant pathology is the field of science dealing with the nature and control of plant diseases. It is a highly diversified field applicable to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and entomology, among other disciplines.  American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants 
This is the book to have for the experienced gardener and even the novice gardener who wants to learn more. It's laid out in a very easy to follow style, making one able to identify plants seen in neighbourhood gardens and parks. An Encyclopedia of Garden Plants & Techniques - Customer review: Book is exactly what I expected - borrowed from a library; decided I had to have it. Product arrived quickly, and the price was EXCELLENT! The 400 Best Garden Plants A Practical Encyclopedia of Annuals Perennials Bulbs Trees and Shrubs This book presents a diverse group of plants that are sure bets for making a rewarding garden. Includes a detailed description of each plant and comple instructions for its care. Rock Garden Plants: A Color Encyclopedia - Baldassare Mineo is owner of Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery in Medford, Oregon, one of the world's great sources of plants for rock gardens. Mineo's own photographs are supplemented with many by the renowned horticulturist Fritz Kummert. Like our other reference encyclopedias, this is truly international in scope and includes rare and unusual plants as well as proven, readily available garden performers.  The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs: From the Herb Research Foundation, Your Complete Guide to the Leading Medicinal Plants This is a well-rounded book that contains information on historical/traditional uses as well as current research, international acceptance, and safety information. It's five- star rating system gives you an at-a-glance overview of each herb. Each chapter is on a single herb, and the index makes it very easy to look up a health condition or topic of interest quickly. If you think you already have too many herbal books, you haven't seen this one yet! The Encyclopedia of Planting Combinations
This inspiring planting guide features: - More than 4,000 combinations for beautiful and successful plantings-Over 1,000 plant descriptions with full color photographs and cultivation needs- Extensive information on
suggested combinations and complementary plants, all fully cross-referenced- At-a-glance symbols- How to assess a site, choose plants and plant borders- How to combine form, color, texture, size and foliage- How to
combine plants according to location, soil, climate and seasons  Alpine Plants of North America: An Encyclopedia of Mountain Flowers from the Rockies to Alaska - North America is replete with beautiful aplines, and this guide is equally useful to the traveler or the gardener for its identification, propagation, and cultivation information.  Ortho's All About Orchids Helps beginning orchid growers develop the skills necessary to progress to more difficult ones. Plenty of information to inspire more advanced orchid growers. Provides a basic understanding of optimum environment for growing orchids. Helpful hints for creating that ideal environment. Explains potting, staking, and dividing orchids. Teaches about orchid growth patterns, and shows how to handle plants based on those patterns.



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