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Problems with Genetically Engineered Insulin

Do the following symptoms remind you of what happens to you when using human-based insulin?

   Do you have low blood sugar insulin reactions occurring suddenly with little or no advanced warning.
   Are you unable to feel reactions coming on, until your blood glucose level falls into the 30's.
   Do you have a fear of dying in your sleep because your blood glucose level could fall to a fatally low level  when you're asleep.
   Have you had to use more insulin in order to keep your blood glucose levels normalized as compared to the dosage you used on animal-based insulin? 
   Have there been violent mood swings that didn't seem to be there before the switch to human-based insulin?
   Has your doctor told you, you are the only one experiencing any problems with Genetically Engineered Insulin? Just to deal with the problem because animal based insulins are no longer being produced?

If you can answer yes to any of  these questions, you may want to contact the following websites to obtain information on how to order beef/pork insulins that are still available from the UK.

How To Import Beef And Pork Insulin

Wockhardt Ltd. UK  - Special thanks to Wockhardt Ltd for being committed to supplying naturally derived insulins for diabetics who can not tolerate Genetically Engineered Insulins. 

"Dead in Bed Syndrome"

The unexplained deaths of diabetics who seem in perfect health, but are found dead in or near their beds.  FOX13 Investigates with this EXCLUSIVE report from Glenn Selig. (Report has recently been taken off FOX13 website. Part of it was captured here)

"Dead in Bed" Syndrome special report aired by Canadian Broadcast Corp. from the Diabetics International Foundation web site. (You need Real Player to view the video, well worth the download.) 

Do you have an insulin drug reaction to report to the FDA? Click Here

Please help in spreading the truth about beef insulin & pork insulin, the natural insulins, and the problems some diabetics have with Lilly Humulin®, Humalog®, Novo Novolin® Human, NovoRapid®, Aventis Lantus®, and other synthetic insulins! 

There are now 17 streaming videos regarding the insulin crisis at  They include the CBC Dead in Bed show.  All 8 of the Fox 13 Tampa shows, the Q13 Seattle show, and a 60 Minutes show on how the drug companies are controlling the researchers. 

Other Useful Links

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The Truth About Genetically Engineered Insulin by Jo-Ann Goodwin

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