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Evergreen Trees 
Arborvitae - Techny - $ 16.95
The Techny Arborvitae, Thuja occidentalis, is a fast growing Arborvitae tree that grows well in full sun or light shade. Techny arborvitae trees are very winter hardy. This cultivar is the most resistant to winter and drought damage and is the Arborvitae of choice for tougher conditions. This beautiful evergreen species has a deep dark green color. It can be sheared to shape when used as a hedge or privacy screen. Zones 3-8 
Balsam Fir - $ 24.95
The Balsam Fir, 'Abies balsamea', exhibits a relatively dense, dark-green, pyramidal crown with a slender spire-like tip. The scientific name "balsamea" is an ancient word for the balsam tree, so named because of the many resinous blisters found in the bark. Balsam fir and Fraser fir have many similar characteristics.The species thrives in cooler climates and demands abundant soil moisture and a humid atmosphere. A large percentage of Christmas trees are Balsam Firs. Zones 3-5
Bristlecone Pine - $ 24.95
The Bristlecone Pine, 'Pinus aristata', is a type of pine tree that can reach an age far greater than that of any other living thing known - up to 5,000 years.It is dense in growth, the shoots set with dark, short needles, five per bundle. The cones which occasion its names are indeed tipped by slender spines or bristles. Looks aside, bristlecone pine is famous because in its arid mountain home of Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, it can live for thousands of years. In cultivation it proves slow, bushy, dark and enduring of difficult sites. Zones 4-7

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