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The Mobile Patio Garden. The Mobile Patio Garden. 

This is the garden that rolls to and fro, creating a versatile mobile plant bed for a patio or sun room. The planter wheels easily on four smooth-rolling casters, enabling gardeners to position plants for optimal sun during the day, or to relocate delicate seedlings indoors on a chilly night. The polyethylene garden bed features double-wall construction that slows the transfer of heat to prevent soil from drying out. The durable material also resists scratches, dents, and fading from exposure to the sun's damaging UV rays. Two threaded drain plugs in the bed's bottom can be attached to a garden hose to direct excess water away or sealed when used indoors. Brakes on the casters keep the planter rooted to the spot when desired. Supports up to 165 lbs., Assembly required. 39 1/2" L x 23 1/2" W x 14" H. (21 lbs.)   Lifetime Guarantee

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The Standing Patio Garden. The Standing Patio Garden.

Unlike typical flower beds that force one to kneel or stoop uncomfortably, this elevated garden presents plants at an ideal height for tending while standing or seated. The polyethylene garden bed features double-wall construction that slows the transfer of heat to prevent soil from drying out. The durable material also resists scratches, dents, and fading from exposure to the sun's damaging UV rays. Two threaded drain plugs in the bed's bottom can be attached to a garden hose to direct excess water off a deck or patio or sealed when used indoors. The sturdy 2 1/4"-diameter steel legs support up to 165 lbs., have adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, and are nickel-plated and clear coated to resist corrosion. A 22" W x 14" D bottom shelf holds plant food, garden utensils, and watering cans. For indoor or outdoor use. Assembly required. 36" H x 23 1/2" W x 39 1/2" L (34 lbs.)   Lifetime Guarantee

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The Potted Plant Hand Truck. The Potted Plant Hand Truck.

This is the hand truck that is specially designed to easily transport potted plants weighing up to 110 lbs. The nose plate slides under pots and an adjustable-height two-pronged clamp latches onto pot rims, securing planters up to 30" H x 20" diameter. The tires roll easily across lawns, over driveways, and up stairs. The hand truck's steel frame withstands all weather and will remain stout after years of heavy lifting. The nose plate folds flush with the frame and a loop in the handle enables unobtrusive hanging storage. 45" H x 15" W x 8" D. (9 lbs.)   Lifetime Guarantee

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Ladybug Birdhouse
More Birdhouses
Ladybug Themes Ladybug Birdhouse

A giant ladybug beckons birds to enjoy a little relaxation—on her! Hand-painted polyresin birdhouse is brightly painted in the familiar red and black, and has an opening for birds to enter and a perch outside for resting. Hang on a flat surface such as a post or wall. The back opens for easy cleaning. 7 1/4"L x 4 1/2"W x 10 1/2"H.

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Solar Black Double Sided LED Address Light
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Universal Distributing LLC:: Solar Black Double Sided LED Address Light

This address light is self-powered with an integrated solar panel. A charming addition to your home and landscaping. This solar powered address light makes it easy with no wires and no installation. Double sided design can be read from front and back. Integrated solar panel powers internal LEDs for a pleasant glow at night. Features a black finish.

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Richmond Vertical Address Plaque Exterior Accents:: Richmond Vertical Address Plaque

This stylish address plaque is made of recycled cast aluminum and painted with a weather resistant finish. Custom made one at a time, for a personalized look that will last a lifetime. Holds up to five 3" characters or seven 1.75" characters. Choose from 18 attractive color combinations. Brass wood screws included. 19"H x 4"W. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Garden Gnome's Toad House Statue Design Toscano:: Garden Gnome's Toad House Statue

Welcome toads, frogs and all of nature's creatures to this imaginative sculpture that doubles as prime garden real estate! Sculpted 360-degrees so you can admire delightful details including the arched back door, ivy-covered walls and stone chimney, our Toscano-exclusive quality designer resin statue is watched over by one of artist Korn's signature garden gnomes. Sorry, toad not included.

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All Rain Barrelsicon
Contemporary Rain Barrel Urn Holds 65 Gallons This Rainwater Urn is a stylish, shapely alternative to traditional rain barrels. Made of UV-stable, scratch- and chip-resistant polyethylene, it has an appealing matte textured finish, quality spigot and 6-foot hose with shut-off valve. Removable top has a recessed basin for stowing watering accessories or displaying a potted plant. Sturdy UV-stabilized polyethylene 20" diameter x 46" H Holds 65 gallons Not for drinking water use 
More Rattan
More Storage
Potato and Onion Storage Baskets Keep Your Potatoes and Onions in Old World Vegetable Baskets Plastic grocery bags retain moisture, speeding the demise of potatoes and onions. These breathable woven baskets, used for centuries in Europe, are a better solution. They fill from the top, and dispense vegetables from the pocket below. And they add a little country style to your kitchen or pantry. Set of two; large holds about 30 lbs. of potatoes, small holds about 6 lbs. of onions. Hand-woven willow with braided sea grass handles. Ideal countertop storage for potatoes and onions Charming traditional style Set of 2 baskets Baskets nest for storage
Orchard Rack, 3 Drawer An Orchard Rack is a Time-Tested Way to Store Your Harvest Years ago, people stored "keeper" crops such as apples, winter squash, onions and potatoes on rustic wooden racks like this one. The drawers are slatted to ensure good air circulation, and they slide out for easy access. For best results, the rack should be located in a cool, dark cellar or shed. Store your garden harvest for months of enjoyment Ideal for keeping apples, squash, potatoes and more Perfect for drying herbs, too. 23-5/8" square x 23-1/4" H. 4-3/4" headroom between drawers. Orchard Rack, 6 DrawerOrchard Rack, 9 Drawer
Design Toscano::
Christian Garden Statues - Ten Commandments Sculptural Tablet shown
“And the Lord called Moses to the top of the mountain, and Moses went up.” Exodus 19:20. Celebrate the text that has withstood the test of time—the words Moses brought down from Mount Sinai. Our faux stone tablet is both historic and inspiring, and makes a defining statement in your home or garden. Cast in quality designer resin exclusively for Design Toscano, the scripture is written in English on one side and an ancient Hebrew dialect on the other. Sand can be placed in the base for extra ballast. 21"Wx5"Dx18"H. 12 lb

Put the Finishing Touch on Your Garden Decor with This Wall Thermometer Whether as part of your garden display or on the patio, this beautiful medallion thermometer enhances your space. The center features lovely detailing.Enjoy the function and style of our garden accessories. With its weather-resistant finish, this thermometer is designed to coordinate with your outdoor decor. Use it indoors, too. Order today.

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Biblical Garden Biblical Garden

DuneCraft lets you create your own ancient Biblical landscape with plants used and talked about in the Bible!Grow a rare spice used to anoint the body of Jesus, palms still used in the Palm Sunday Ceremonies, the plant named after the engaging story of Joseph and his coat of many colors and more.

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More Artificial Rocks Artificial Rock (25"H)

These artificial boulders are the ultimate in landscape camouflage. Hollow, lightweight, and decorative, these fake boulders conceal an array of utility equipment and other lawn blemishes. They are also an excellent landscaping tool, adding natural beauty to your home. The new high-density polyethylene RealRock material is even more realistic with a gritty texture and more durable with a commercial grade construction. Available in two colors: Fieldstone (Gray) or Riverbed (Gray/Brown). Applications for this rock include: utility pedestals, well/septic (up to 24" tall), backflow assemblies, and small pump systems. Ground stakes included. 25"H; 27"W x 21"D at base of rock. 8 lbs.  From the ground to a height of 7", the useable space is 20.5"L x 18"W. From the ground to a height of 10", the useable space is 20"L x 17.5"W. From the ground to a height of 14", the useable space is 18"L x 12"W. From the ground to a height of 18", the useable space is 16"L x 11"W. From the ground to a height of 23", the useable space is 13"L x 8"W.

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Natures Fairies: Tulip Sculptural Fine Pewter Collectible Design Toscano:: Natures Fairies: Tulip Sculptural Fine Pewter Collectible

Our Toscano-exclusive, authentic cast pewter collectible fairy is intricately sculpted, from elaborate wings to a shapely gown ringed with flowers. This weighty work of pewter art is cast one piece at a time as an awe-inspiring sculptural gift to yourself or other fairy collectors!

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Miniature Garden Baronbob:: Miniature Garden

Beauty of a lush green garden anywhere - in just three days...holy foliage!!!!! This happy little wonder comes complete with four reusable felt pads and seed packets for growing clover, cress, mustard and lettuce. These edible sprouts which last three to four weeks, can be added to salads, used as garnish and are also decorative. You'll love your Mini Garden. Convenient seed and felt refills make it possible to keep the garden growing month after month.

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The 46 The 46" Weather-Resistant Outdoor HD Television.

This is the high-definition television suitable for permanent installation and use outdoors. The television's internal components are integrated into an all-weather exterior that repels rain, dirt, insects, and harsh outdoor conditions. Unlike common televisions that lose picture quality due to glare, this television has a 46" active-matrix TFT screen with an anti-reflective window that provides indoor-quality viewing outdoors in shaded daylight. Capable of 1080i HD performance, the high-resolution screen generates an 1,920 x 1,080 pixel image with a sharp 1,500:1 contrast ratio, and is protected by a scratch-resistant, contrast-enhancing window. A quad-airflow system ensures the television stays cool, dry, and properly ventilated--even up to 122º F. A watertight entry system keeps cables dry, allowing you to connect the television to cable, a satellite dish, a DVD/BluRay player, and an antenna. The internal thermostat-controlled heater maintains proper temperature even in weather as cold as 24º F. Two 10-watt water-resistant speakers provide clear stereo sound. Includes a weather-resistant remote with rechargeable batteries, an articulating wall mount, and an outdoor dust cover. 23 1/4" H x 32 1/4" W x 7" D. (39 lbs.)

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Antworks Ant Farm Space Age Habitat For Ants Antworks Ant Farm Space Age Habitat For Ants

Fascinating creatures ants. Sure you hate to see them in your socks or making a B-line for that pizza crust crumb you forgot to sweep up at the local LAN party. But let's give credit where credit is due. Ants are amazing. Ants can lift up to 20x their body weight! They have two stomachs and three eyes! They also have uncanny communication skills and amazing abilities to work together to achieve a common goal. This miraculous gel, derived from a NASA Space experiment, serves as both habitat and nutrition for your ants - allowing you to watch in awe as they turn a brick of aqua-blue gel into a fascinating colony of tunnels. Never before have you been so capable of watching these awesome creatures at work. Consider Ants a pest? 

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