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Greenhouses icon A Compact Greenhouse That Doesn't Cut Corners This popular Vermont-made product will ship approximately 1 week from your order date With the Fast-Start Greenhouse you can start seedlings, nurture transplants, and grow vegetables and flowers from spring to fall. It's packed with numerous features that you'd find in larger, more expensive greenhouse models. Maximize your workspace with our cedar Bench System (sold separately), which includes an aluminum frame and cedar slats to install two 47" x 22-3/4" benches. Our custom-fitted Raised Beds (sold separately) — you get two 18" deep beds and one 13" deep bed – helped us grow over 50 lbs of tomatoes. At just 4 feet x 6 feet, it will be at home in even a small garden Rugged, precision-fit aluminum frame assembles in 4-6 hours, needs no maintenance 6-mil polycarbonate glazing is 50% thicker than you'll find in most greenhouses. Retains more heat for an earlier start in spring Heat-sensitive vents open automatically to prevent overheating, even when you're away 88" height at peak means plenty of headroom 
Cold Frames and Covers  Cold Frame for the 3-Season Raised Bed System For avid vegetable gardeners, winter lasts too long and fall frosts come too early. These new cold frame components let you stretch your growing season and harvest more healthy, home-grown produce. Designed to fit over our 71-1/2" L x 57-1/4" W Cedar Raised Bed (sold separately) with 27 square feet of growing space, the 3-season covers are supported by a sturdy 36-1/2" high enameled steel frame that fits right into the raised bed corners. In spring and fall, use the frame with the insulating greenhouse cover. Made of woven polyethylene, it has a large access door on each side and two roll-up gable vents, all with 2-way zippers. Insect netting covers the doors and vents, and zips open for accessibility.  icon
Pharmtec Corp 4' x 2' Extra Depth Mini Greenhouse Compact Appliance:: Pharmtec Corp 4' x 2' Extra Depth Mini Greenhouse

Thanks to the Pharmtec Corp4' x 2' Extra Depth Mini Greenhouse, (GK4824D) adding a flower bed, herb garden, or vegetable garden for easy access or as an accent is no longer limited to traditional small pots and tubs. When creating a container garden, depth is often the most important specification. The standard 10.5" miniature greenhouse is great as a raised bed over good soil, for flowers more than 3 feet tall, or for rocky soils. Place your GK4824D on a patio, deck, or balcony or create a standup elevated garden. 

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Uncle Milton Hydro Greenhouse 2 Uncle Milton Hydro Greenhouse 2

The self contained mini greenhouse that really works! Uses advanced hydroponic technology. Grow vegetables, herbs, plants, and flowers. Includes planting bed, greenhouse incubator, auto feed system, 24 ounce nutrient reservoir, refill indicator, inert growing gravel, nutrient mix, and gardening tools.

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Greenhouse: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide (Back-To-Basics) - You will learn the various principles of greenhouse use and the different types of greenhouses you can use depending on your location and the specific needs you may have. Learn how to select a proper site and to set a foundation that will hold the greenhouse effectively in place regardless of weather conditions throughout the year and maintain the heat generated in the greenhouse and much more.
How to Build Your Own Greenhouse - Master Gardener and builder Roger Marshall enthusiastically presents his case for home greenhouses with a thorough examination of everything the potential builder needs to know.
Building Your Own Greenhouse (Greenhouse Basics) - The fundamentals of assembling a greenhouse and custom designing it to the gardener's needs, from simple cold frames to large free-standing and attached-to-the-house structures. 

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