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Miss Kim Lilac
The Lilac' Miss Kim', Syringa patula 'Miss Kim', is a very popular shrub. It is thought by many to be the number one Lilac in the Midwestern United States. It has an abundance of fragrant blossoms in spring that are dark lavender-pink in bud and fade to a very soft lavender-pink when fully opened. This shrub is resistant to powdery mildew, but suffers under prolonged drought conditions, when it may drop many of its leaves. The Miss Kim Lilac makes a wonderful shrub for foundation plantings.

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Nature Hills:: 
Lilac - Bloomerang™ Tree Form - Fragrant Lilacs in a Stunning, Ornamental Tree Form is a revolutionary new kind of lilac! 'Bloomerang' blooms in spring and then again throughout the summer.   It does go through a rest period in the heat of the summer and then flowers again; traditional lilac varieties only bloom for a few short weeks in spring.  Bloomerang’s fragrant flowers continue until frost.

This lilac requires well-drained soil and full sun.  Remove spent blooms promptly to encourage reblooming, and save heavy pruning to shape after blooming. Trained into a tree form, this compact beauty makes a great ornamental tree for your landscape or garden.  It works great as a foundation planting or as part of the mixed border. It is a taller item that adds height and drama to a container, so can be used either in the back or middle of a container.

You can also include 'Bloomerang' in perennial beds and enjoy classic lilac fragrance for months instead of weeks! These sold out fast last spring. Quantities are limited. Buy Yours Now to Avoid Disappointment!
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Josee Lilac  - Lilac Josee, Syringa 'Josee', is an outstanding variety with a dwarf habit, reblooming flowers, and superb mildew resistance. At just 4-6' tall and wide, 'Josee' is the perfect choice for smaller gardens, or even in large patio containers!

The delightfully fragrant, lavender-pink flowers erupt into bloom in late spring. Unlike other lilacs though, the show is not over in easy summer! Syringa 'Josee' will surprise northern gardeners with reliable rebloom all summer and fall and southern gardens may get a flush of rebloom in the fall!

Best in a fertile, slightly alkaline soil with good drainage. Mulch to retain soil moisture.  Lightly prune immediately after flowering to encourage re-bloom and maintain compact habit. Looks stunning in combination planters, mass plantings or borders.

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