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Plants For Shade / Part Shade

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Ladyfern - Burgundy Lace - Athyrium Burgundy Lace, Athyrium niponicum 'Burgundy Lace', is a show stopper with its contrasting leaves of silvery green and purple midribs. Burgundy Lace is a great addition of lovely color to a shade garden. With its graceful fern-like foliage, this plant will add texture to any shaded landscape, and makes a wonderful counterpoint to flowering perennials. This plant grows best in moist, highly organic soil and is very striking when planted in groups, along borders or in containers. Burgundy Lace is a hardy fern that grows best in humus-rich, moist soil but will also adapt to tough conditions; tolerant of clay soils, hot summers, and frigid winters. Divide plants in spring.
Begonia - Dragon Wing Pink - The Begonia Dragon Wing Pink, 'Begonia x hybrida', is a beautiful shade plant growing up to 15 inches tall with a a spread of up to 18 inches. Dragon Wing Pink Begonias perform very well in the landscape with excellent heat tolerance and garden performance. Dragon Wing Pink is part of a new series that is very heat tolerant and has wing-like, glossy green leaves. It's an excellent companion with other annuals in containers and hanging baskets. The Dragon Wing works great in full sun but the look in partial shade is absolutely awesome. These plants bloom almost constantly and have angel-wing shaped, dark green leaves that are spectacularly glossy with huge panicles of pink flowers hanging down. This plant is ideal for hanging baskets on the front porch or in large containers. Begonia Dragon Wings prefer planting beds that are well drained and organic-rich.

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Shade Plants
Coral Bells - Vienna - Heuchera Vienna, Heuchera 'Vienna', is amazingly versatile and reliable.  It shows off a wonderful orange to rose-orange leaf color which fades to a green with red veins. It matures into a mounding compact plant.The reblooming rose pink flowers appear on short wands in summer.  It blooms and blooms, and anyone who sees this plant is bound to be impressed! Used in the front of the border, for accent, or in containers, Vienna will hold its color all season.  This coral bell can handle full sun in the north, but in the southern areas morning sun is best. Cold and drought tolerant and withstanding heat and humidity, nothing seems to phase this plant.  But to keep ‘Vienna’ looking its best, be sure to water in hot, dry weather, giving the plant about one inch of water per week. Deer resistant. Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, this coral bell will surely become a “must have” in the garden with it outstanding texture, vigor and vibrant color! Orange Red Leaves Fade to Green. Profuse and Extended Flowering. Heat and Humidity Tolerant
Lily of the Valley - The Lily of the Valley, 'Convallaria majalis', is a fragrant white Lily-of-the-Valley that is unusual because its dainty bell-shaped flowers are actually double!  Grows to 9" tall. Each arching  stem is weighed down by the profuse blooms it carries.  The fragrant bell shaped flowers are followed by glossy red berries.  Plant in a garden with good air circulation to prevent fungal spots on the petals. Once it becomes established, Lily of the Valley plant is long-lived and spreads slowly through its rhizomes.  This perennial thrives in moist, humus-rich, fertile soil, in sun or full shade.  The more sun there is however, the more important it is for the soil to be moist.  A slow but aggressive spreader, Lily of the Valley adds a bit of elegance and charm to shade-prone areas of any landscape!  Fragrant. Double blooms. Slow grower

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Shade Plants
Oxalis - Strawberry - Oxalis Strawberry, Oxalis crassipes 'Rosea', is a popular shade plant (often called a shamrock) that just doesn't know when to quit blooming! Although it's a perennial, this plant blooms like an annual from late spring to early fall if kept moist.  Vivid green, clover-like leaves are dotted with bright pink flowers that butterflies adore and are nice in fresh bouquets. Oxalis 'Strawberry' forms a low mound that is the perfect size for edging or containers.  Like many oxalis, the leaves of this variety close up at night or when light levels are very low. It does not set viable seed, so there's no need to fear that it will become a nuisance in the garden.  This variety has been used in southern gardens for many years.  Oxalis plants are used in borders, beds, rock gardens and containers. Container grown plants should be kept just moist when dormant.  During the growing season, 'Strawberry' should have moderate watering. Does best in moist, rich soils and prefers soils with good drainage.  Being a prolific grower and bloomer with beautiful foliage and plenty of dainty blossoms, Oxalis 'Strawberry' can be grown as a houseplant or outdoors! Prolific bloomer. House plant. Shade plant

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Shade Plants
Brunnera - Jack Frost - The Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’, 'Brunnera macrophylla' PP13859, has frosty silver leaves that offer a brilliant backdrop to the small clusters of bright blue flowers that appear in earliest spring. It adds hard-to-find color and dramatic texture to the shade garden with its bright silver leaves that are veined in deep green.  The foliage is known to resemble cracked porcelain! ‘Jack Frost’ has a plant height of 12-18” and a plant spread of 18”.  It does require full shade in most areas.  In the north, morning sun is tolerated and in the south, dense shade is necessary. This Brunnera is a wonderful perennial to brighten up shady areas and will look great with any shade plant on the market today.  Try a combination of plants with ‘Jack Frost’ such as, hostas, ferns, pulmonarias, and particularly hellebores, which often bloom at the same time! 
The silver and white foliage of this Brunnera will lighten the shade and offer superb contrast to the surrounding greens. It does require consistently moist soil, and it does not need a lot of care, being a sure garden pleaser! Blues Flowers n Early Spring. "Cracked Porcelain' Leaves. Grows in DeepShade
Torenia - Summer Wave Large Violet -Torenia Summer Wave Large Violet, Torenia hybrid 'Summer Wave Large Violet' PP#15,684, has violet-colored flowers that bloom all season. Torenia loves filtered sun and does well in shady locations. Like all the rest of the Summer Waves, this plant thrives in high humidity and has excellent heat tolerance. This filtered-sun lover, with its trailing habit, provides superb color throughout even the hottest months of the year and does well in pots and window boxes. The flowers trail over the side of a container with a pretty cascading effect. Torenia Summer Wave Large Violet is a heat and shade tolerant plant that has a snapdragon-like flower all season. It is low maintenance and dead heading is not necessary. Blooms have lovely shades of blue purple, so intermingles well with other plants to fill in the middle ground of a combination. This plant can be a perennial in zones 9-11. In zones 3-8 it is an annual only.
Lungwort - Cevennensis - Lungwort Cevennensis, Pulmonaria longifolia 'Cevennensis', is a clump forming lungwort that is valued by gardeners for its attractive foliage. It features very long and narrow silvery spotted leaves. In the spring, drooping clusters of funnel-shaped, dark violet-blue flowers appear. Lungwort Cevennensis is easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade, but it prefers cool soils that are moist and humusy. This lungwort is very tolerant of wet, poorly drained soils, so it must have constant moisture and not be allowed to dry out; leaves can depreciate considerably in extremely hot weather or too much sun. Keeping the plant moist will maintain an attractive foliage after bloom and throughout the summer. Lungwort Cevennensis spreads very slowly by creeping roots, and it is best to divide the plants in the fall. Deer resistant.
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