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Shade Trees
Red Sunset Red Maple - $ 39.95
The Red Sunset® Red Maple Tree, ‘Acer Rubrum,’ is a large, deciduous tree with a pyramidal form than will slowly become rounder as the tree matures. Considered one of the best trees for early fall color, its leaves are deep green in the summer and change to brilliant shades of orange and red in the autumn. The name Red Maple is perfect, because it exhibits dense clusters of red flowers in late March, red fruits and reddish stems and twigs. This is one of the best maple cultivars that is available.
Weeping Cherry - $ 30.95
The Weeping Cherry Tree, ‘Prunus subhirtelia pendula,’ is a very attractive accent tree. It has a medium rate of vertical growth, but the weeping stems grow rather quickly. These stems often reach to the ground. If desired, the ground-touching stems may be pruned back to any desired height. This will allow mowing, growing other ornamentals or maintenance can be performed under the tree.
Autumn Flame Red Maple - $ 40.95
The Autumn Flame® Red Maple Tree, ‘Acer rubrum,’ is one of the first trees to exhibit its fall color. This fast growing tree is very popular, primarily for its gorgeous, scarlet-green autumn leaves. It is a deciduous tree, whose leaves will always have a slight hint of scarlet. This very large tree will attain a trunk diameter of three to five feet. Its branches develop low, and will form a very dense, narrow crown.

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