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Tea Pots *

Gourmet Tea Set Gourmet Tea Set

If you are curious about gourmet teas, this offer is hard to resist. Our easy-to-use teapot and four tea samples are yours for only $19. Want to see what makes our teapot unique? Click the "see it work" button for a brief demonstration. Still not convinced? Then click on "reviews" to see what our customers have to say. Discover for yourself the startling difference between our gourmet products and the tea sold in your supermarket. If you don't agree ours is superior, we'll gladly refund your purchase.

Black Sampler Black Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. Sample black teas from China, India and Sri Lanka. Six tins in total, one ounce apiece.

Flavors Sampler Flavors Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. Flavors include apricot, blueberry, chocolate, cinnamon, passion fruit & tangerine. Six tins in total, one ounce apiece.

Oolong Sampler Oolong Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. Sample oolong teas from China and Taiwan. Four tins in total, one ounce apiece.

Wuyi Ensemble Wuyi Ensemble

Oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains in the Fujian province of China. Wuyi Oolong grows defiantly in the gaps of the mountainous rock, rendering cultivation both arduous and spellbindingly beautiful. This tea is famous for its "dragonfly's head, frog's limbs and three colors." The latter refers to the green, red and brown colors found in the cross-section of each leaf. Similar to other fine oolong teas, our "Wuyi Ensemble" may be infused a number of times, with each infusion revealing a new nuance of this tea's complex flavor.

White Sampler White Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. A nice introduction to white teas from China. Four tins in total, one ounce apiece.

White Peony White Peony

White tea from the Fujian province of China. White Peony, known locally as Pai Mu Tan, is a delicate tea made from tea buds collected and withered prior to opening. The latest medical findings suggest that white tea may be a more effective cancer fighter than even green tea. These findings have brought white teas to a much wider audience. If you are beginning your exploration of white tea, our "White A' Cappella" tea will serve a wonderful introduction.

Silver Needle Silver Needle

White tea from China. Silver Needle is among the most revered of Chinese teas, produced in the Fuding and Zhenhe districts of its Fujian province. Gathered only in the few days of early spring, the preparation of this tea is governed by strict requirements to ensure a premium product. This dedication to perfection is evident in the cup, which is sweet and delicate with a clean, airy fragrance. Our "Sublime Needle" is a Special Grade (Bai Hao) version of this exquisite tea.

Green Sampler Green Sampler

A wonderful introduction to the wide range of green teas, including: green pekoe - light daily brew from China hojicha - charcoal-roasted tea from Japan citron green - green tea with lemon & lime sencha - smooth everyday tea from Japan gunpowder - smoky tea from coastal China

Citron Green Citron Green

Green tea from China with the delicate flavors of lemon and lime. A happy marriage of great taste and proven health benefits. Just the right touch of citrus flavors to liven up the cup. Makes a light and refreshing drink that's popular both hot and iced. If you are new to green tea, this lightly flavored tea may be a good place to start.

Genmai Cha Genmai Cha

Green tea from Japan that is the "snap, crackle, pop" of teas. Genmai Cha is an exotic Japanese recipe that combines popped rice and popcorn with tender and delicate green tea leaves. First used by peasants as a cost-saving measure, our "Genmai Cha Pop" tea is now equally popular with modern urbanites. Both groups enjoy a refreshing cup that's both sweet and nutty.

Herbal Sampler Herbal Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. Sample herbals from Egypt, USA and Africa. Six tins in total, one ounce apiece.

Chamomile Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the oldest garden herbs, whose reputation as a medicinal plant shows little signs of abatement. Considered a universal remedy by the ancient Egyptians, Chamomile continues to be used today to battle illness, promote calm and relieve anxiety at bedtime. As a tisane (herbal tea), it is naturally caffeine-free. The finest varieties of Chamomile, of which our tea is great example, continue to come from Egypt. If you have yet to try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its superior flavor.

Lemon Grass Lemon Grass

Dried lemon grass leaves to make a zesty, refreshing drink that is highly satisfying both hot and cold. A native of South East Asia, Lemon Grass was introduced to these parts with the growing popularity of Thai cuisine. It has a light lemony taste, with slight hint of ginger. And is known to lift a sagging spirit, as well as aid digestion. Recent studies also show that Lemon Grass has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Best of all, it tastes great. If you have yet to try it, we recommend it highly.

Strawberry Patch Strawberry Patch

A delicious blend of natural fruits and spices that brews up a mouthwatering cup of herbal tea. Entirely caffeine free, it holds a special appeal for kids and sweet-toothed adults. Yet contains no sugar or other sweeteners. The flavor is all natural, emanating from black currants, raspberries, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers and rosehip peels. Highly addictive; Please proceed with caution!

Rooibos Sampler Rooibos Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. A nice introduction to the red teas of South Africa. Six tins in total, one ounce apiece.

Rooibos Rooibos

Rooibos, colloquially known as Red Tea, is an herbal plant that grows in South Africa. Rooibos is a flavorful alternative to tea for those seeking to minimize caffeine intake. Ours is a top-grade, organic African tea.

Decaf Sampler Decaf Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. Sample decaf teas from China and India. Six tins in total, one ounce apiece.

PersonaliTEA Teapot PersonaliTEA Teapot

Enjoy loose tea anytime with this elegantly simple ceramic teapot. A large infuser basket provides ample room for the leaves to unfurl, affording a fully infused, flavorful cup. Not only does it make great-tasting tea, but, when not in use, it has been known to turn heads. Dishwasher safe.

Petit Teapot Petit Teapot

When making tea for one, you may opt for something quick-and-easy. Or you may spoil yourself silly with this gorgeous Petit teapot. Enjoy a tranquil cup of tea whenever the mood strikes. And do it in grand style with our new Petit teapot. Made in Germany. 15 oz. (0.5L)

Luna Teapot Luna Teapot

The newest addition to our tea ware line. Like its celestial namesake, this teapot glows with the warm radiance of tea's many colors. Providing a joyous cup whenever the mood strikes. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Made of tempered glass. With glass infuser and lid. Made in Germany. 21 oz. (0.6L)

Globo Teapot Globo Teapot

Add a bit of cool style to your daily tea routine. Recipient of the prestigious IF design award, the Globo Teapot is surely a teapot for the new millennium. Yet it is very simple. To infuse tea, the pot is stood on its handle, with infuser fully immersed in water. Once complete, a simple tilt onto its front leg will lift the infuser out of the water. Allowing you to enjoy a great cup of tea without attending to spent leaves. These are now safely out of the way. And may be dealt with when it is more convenient. Now that is progress. Made in Germany. 30 oz. (1.0L)

Concert Teapot Concert Teapot

Beauty and function are auspiciously fused in this exquisite and easy-to-use design. A gold-plated infuser produces tea unsurpassed in clarity and flavor. The body is made of tempered (sturdy) glass, and rests beautifully on a wooden (teak) stand, a very nice juxtaposition. A candle below enhances the presentation, and alights the tea with a gorgeous glow. It also keeps the tea warm. This combination of wood, glass and fire is an awe-inspiring work of art. Hope you agree - it may easily be the world's most beautiful tea pot. Dishwasher safe. Made in Germany. 37 oz.(1.0L)

IngenuiTEA IngenuiTEA

The most convenient teapot you will find anywhere - we guarantee it. When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release: crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter retains all the leaves with one of the best infusers on the market. Super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. And itÕs microwaveable - perfect for the office or the road. You will wonder how you got along without one. Made in Taiwan of food-grade plastic.

Glass Minuet Glass Minuet

An ideal "have tea anywhere" set that combines a glass cup with a removable glass infuser. In addition to being convenient, it is also loads of fun: Watch the leaves dance as they infuse a perfect cup of tea. When done, remove the infuser (the cover doubles as a coaster) and have a perfect cup of tea wherever, and whenever, the mood strikes. Perfect for home or office use. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 12 oz. (0.35L)

Tulip Cups Tulip Cups

Stylish glass tea cup with matching saucer to beautifully display your tea's colors. Made of tempered glass, which is very sturdy and able to withstand high temperature. Packaged in sets of two. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in Germany. 10oz. (0.3L)

Tea For One Tea For One

Preparing tea for one need not be a hurried affair. Just as easily, it may be a leisurely break. A moment to relax and unwind with a soothing cup. And what a cup it is. Stylish and large, big enough for 10oz of tea. It comes with a matching glass saucer, infuser and lid. In short, everything you need to enjoy a gracious cup of tea anytime. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in Germany. 10oz. (0.3L)

Water Kettle Water Kettle

Boiling water for tea is rarely this much fun. Watch water go from the cold calm to rapid boil in this stylish, easy-to-use kettle. It works with all sources of heat (gas stoves, electric cookers, ceramic hobs), and is dishwasher safe. Made in Germany. 60oz.

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