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How To Care For Your Tulips 

TulipPlanting: Plant tulip bulbs in mid to late fall up until Christmas. Planting too early can result in frost damage to the shoot tips. Dig individual holes, or a trench 6 to 8 inches deep. Add 1 tablespoon of bone meal to each bulb's hole.  Place bulbs in the ground pointed side up and 5 to 6 inches apart.  Cover bulbs with soil.  After planting, water the beds until the soil is thoroughly moist to help root formation. 

Site and Soil: Full sun to part shade; average well drained soil. Tulips cannot tolerate standing water. You can improve drainage by mixing 2 lbs. peat moss to each square yard of soil.

After They Bloom: Pinch off the developing seedpods after flowering and allow the leaves to yellow before removing them. If you find yourself still having tulip leaves when you want to plant annual flowers then switch to early varieties of tulips that will be finished when it is time to plant annuals. 


Be Bold With Tulipsicon

Bright colors, big numbers ensure impressive displays. By David Grist 


Composing a Spring Bulb Gardenicon

Choose Bulbs to Create an Eight-Week Season of BloomBy Kathy LaLiberte 


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