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Vending Machines

Get your vending machine business started today with machines that dispense coffee, candy, snacks, soda and other popular products. Choose from 32 selection snack machines from Seaga that measure 72" H x 35" W x 39" D. Selectivend Hot Beverage Merchandisers, Available in either instant or fresh brew configurations. 72"Hx28"Wx28"D. Selectivend Drink Vending Machine - 6 Selections. The ability to vend 144 bottles, 312 cans or a combination of both bottles and cans gives you the versatility to serve your customers and employees the beverages they most desire including bottled water, sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks and juices. 68"Hx21"Wx33.5"D and more.

And for those small locations where space is limited but you still need the capacity and flexibility of a professional vending machine. The 12 selection snack vending machine offers 152 item capacity in the same space as a standard file cabinet. 68"Hx21"Wx36D. 


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