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All contents of this site are copyright © Nature's Best Masked Flower Images. Although we are providing these wallpapers free of charge for personal and non-profit use, you may use the photos only if you follow these rules:

1. You may download and use the wallpapers for single personal use only. 
2. Feel free to use these photos on your desktop. However, please do not e-mail them to others, or   post them on other's web sites  (besides your own).
3. You agree not to modify, adapt or change any of the contained wallpapers.
4. If you are using a photo on your personal or non-profit site, please credit this page and provide a link back. (We would prefer that the link back be on the same page as the photo.) Link images can be found here.
5. Do not claim these images as your own. Nature's Best Masked Flower Images retain all rights of
ownership, copyright and future use of the images. You may not sell, distribute, reproduce or otherwise benefit from the wallpaper or desktop designs.
6. If you would like to use any image on this site for commercial use you must contact us for written permission  first. Thanks!   Contact Us


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