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Gardening with Wildflowers and Native Plants  Wildflowers have merit not only for their ornamental qualities, but for their toughness and ease of maintenance as well. Once established in their preferred habitat, they usually require very little attention, providing you with years of carefree beauty. Native plants also play a valuable role in preserving biodiversity and ecological balance. Since these plants evolved alongside native insects, birds and other creatures, they're often an important source of food and shelter. Read more

Celadon ceramic vase, 'Wildflower' (Thailand) Celadon ceramic vase, 'Wildflower' (Thailand)

Flowers blossom in wild adventure over the sleek contours of this celadon vase. Thailand's Duangkamol presents this distinguished piece featuring celadon's trademark crackled finish.

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Ceramic vase, 'Night Wildflower' (Mexico) Ceramic vase, 'Night Wildflower' (Mexico)

Crafted by hand, this extraordinary vase depicts wildflowers that bloom at midnight. The Garc?a Ochoa Family crafts the piece with legendary techniques that give it the distinct bru?ido appearance. The colors are obtained from natural mineral sources, and the piece is burnished by hand with a smooth stone.

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Sterling silver cuff bracelet, 'Summer Wildflower' (India) Sterling silver cuff bracelet, 'Summer Wildflower' (India)

Neeru Goel creates a beautiful fashion accessory with roots in India's splendid Mughal legacy. Yet she gives a lighthearted, modern feel to the bracelet with dyed magnesite flowers. The cuff features an open design with the medallion set between sterling silver bands. .925 Sterling silver

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Beaded necklace, 'Wildflower in Red' (Thailand) Beaded necklace, 'Wildflower in Red' (Thailand)

Sparkling crystals form a delightful red blossom and cool green leaves. Set on silk tendrils, the wildflower centers a casual design by Anusara. The handcrafted necklace ends in spiral pendants.

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Wildflower Tile Box Wildflower Tile Box

Pink and white wildflowers growing in Wickham Park.
Perfect for stylishly storing jewelry and mementos, this hardwood box showcases a ceramic tile. Spring-loaded hinged lid stays open without tipping the box over and snaps closed securely.
Made of solid hardwood with high-gloss lacquer finish
Interior is fully lined in velvet; bottom is covered with felt
Measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 2.25" with a 4.25" x 4.25" ceramic tile

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Joei's Wildflowers Applique' Magic  5 X 7 Designs Multi-Formatted CD Joei's Wildflowers Applique' Magic 5 X 7 Designs Multi-Formatted CD

Multi-formatted CD will work with HUS, JEF, PES, ART, DST EXP, SHV, EMD,and XXX, formats as long as you have a reader writer box or have a machine that takes floppys.



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